Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beau (Novella of Forever Series) by Brooklyn Taylor

Novella accompanying Forever Series:

“Beau” Synopsis

By Brooklyn Taylor

I am Beau Evans, God’s gift to women and I damn well know it. I am fearless. I would rather be working as the homicide detective in Dallas, Texas than anywhere else. I’m the crazy bastard they call in when no one else wants to go. I’ve seen things that would cause others to commit themselves to mental hospitals. 

I look damn good; thanks to all the time I spend in the gym and the good genes I was blessed with. I screw who I want, when I want, how I want. I call the shots and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I live for me and no one else. I am my own man and do not answer to anyone but myself. I live by these rules and no one will change that.

That is what I had convinced myself of anyway, until I met Piper Dylan. She drives me insane in every way possible. Everything about her annoys me and turns me on at the same time.  She has absolutely no interest in me whatsoever. The more she pulls away and resists me the more I want her. 

My life starts to become unrecognizable and is spinning out of control. I, Beau Evans am becoming something I never wanted and always swore I would never become. I begin fighting for something I am not sure I completely want. Do I walk away for the second time in my life or decide maybe, just maybe, it’s not all about me any longer?


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Beau fucking Evans was standing outside a crime scene, crying like a pussy. The other officers on the scene were staring at me, trying to compute what was happening. Piper and I were finally on the same page when I got the call on the radio on my way driving home after my workout. I tried to get to the scene as fast as I could, not knowing how I was going to deal with the situation I was about to face.  Fellow officers were outside the scene, securing the block. I got out of my car and ran to the front of the scene to see what else I could find out. This could not be happening. The only thing I could think of was seeing her face. 
Rodgers walked up to me, shaking his head with a look of disappointment on his face. 
Oh my God, what is he going to tell me? 
How could he possibly tell me she was dead? I get it… I get what Cooper and Kyle were saying now. I get why McKoy tried to hold on to me like she did. She loved me then the way I loved Piper now. I couldn’t picture my life without her. 
When Rodgers reached me, he put his hand on my shoulder and I froze. Here it goes… I hoped I could hold myself together.
“Damn, Evans. This shit sucks. I can’t believe this happened. We always try to make sure the scene is cleared before our detectives go in. We thought we had…” He was choking up. “The victim had already been removed from the scene and they were doing the investigation. I was doing the normal, collecting as much evidence as I could while letting them work.”
I swallowed hard, trying to keep the lump in my throat under control. I was a grown-ass man about to lose it. 

I moved up and let myself free from my blue jeans. I felt like I could break a stack of blocks with my hard-on and hoped to God she could accommodate me. She isn’t the only woman that had claimed to be able to handle me but not been able to hack it.  
I had never felt a woman as ready for me as I slid in her moistness. She gripped my ass and guided me to the speed she wanted. She pushed me in so deep, grinding her hips against me. I could have sworn I was seeing stars. The sensation was so intense and nothing like I had ever felt. I had entered Heaven. 
She kissed my neck and bit my lip, sucking as she let go. Her rhythm was steady with mine, and when I brought her to climax, she leaned her head back. I could see her eyes rolling back in her head with satisfaction.
“Feel good, baby?”
“Faster… I want more.”
I moved faster and faster until I finished and moved slowly back and forth to get the full effects of the amazing feeling.
I stood up all the way, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. 
She giggled.
“Well?” I asked her.
“Was I as good as I said I would be?” I confidently ask, already knowing my answer.
“I’ve had better.” 

“Really? Who? Give me a few minutes and I’ll try again.”