Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teaser Tuesday 11.12.13 Gold By Talia Vance

Gold by Talia Vance

Descended from an Irish demigod, Brianna has fled to Ireland to escape destruction at the hands of her sworn enemies, the Sons of Killian. Taking refuge at the estate of her former nemesis, Austin Montgomery, Brianna discovers a rift in time that opens to an era before the feud began.

Wrestling with her newfound feelings for the more innocent Austin, Brianna begins to wonder if she can alter the past. But when Brianna and Austin learn that the Sons are raising an army of mythical beasts, the pair will need to use their magical strength in the present to avoid a tragic end.

'A truce of sorts, between the boy I love and the boy I might've loved if things were different.' 'I see a boy who did what he thought he must to keep me alive, who gave up immortality to save my horse. The boy who waited a thousand years to see me again. Who trusted me after I gave him every reason not to.'

Gold by Talia Vance, book format