Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: Darkness Unleashed (Mystic Wolves, #6) by Belinda Boring

Nothing is as it seems.
Alliances will be forged and broken.
Friendships will be tested.
The bitter sting of betrayal cuts the deepest ... prepare your hearts for the DARKNESS UNLEASHED.

As the startling truth behind Darcy's strange behavior is revealed, the race begins as time runs out for Mason to save his beloved mate. Fighting against an unknown enemy, he must rely on instinct and powerful magic to uncover the devious plot to destroy the woman he loves. Just when Mason thinks he understands and has everything under control, the true mastermind behind recent attacks steps forward to claim authority over the Supernatural community. As the Master releases his cruelty and malice on those who dare to defy him, it will take everything the Mystic Wolves Alpha has to protect those he's pledged to serve.

Rating: 5 stars!

Darcy and Mason are back for the sixth book in the Mystic Wolves series. From where the last book left off, we know that Darcy is not who she actually is. It is in fact Amber, Mason's previous girlfriend and almost mate. Thankfully Fate stepped in. Literally! Mason has become suspicious since Darcy had to go through the change to become part vampire. In this book, Mason has finally found out why. With the help of Devlin and Daniel with our favorite witch and a unexpected blast from Devlin's heartbreaking past, they try to get Darcy back in control of her body. 

People have told me that they ended up crying over this book, but I didn't. I absolutely love this book, so it was just me. Each book has a new enemy and very twisty turns! I thought this was the last book, but now I know it absolutely it isn't. The end's like... there are no words for the end except for what the hell just happened?, what?, hah?

This book is defiantly the most swoon-worthlyiest of them all. All the men hot and we get to see our favorite confused vampire nephew, Vlad!! But the best and most awful twist is the last words of the book. It is one twist that you will never forget!! We have been betrayed, but no one knows for sure!!!