Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WoW 10/23/13 Erased by Jennifer Rush (Altered #2)

Erased by Jennifer Rush (Altered #2)

They thought they had escaped. They were wrong.

After fleeing the Branch with Sam, Cas, and Nick, Anna is trying to make sense of the memories resurfacing from her old life. At the same time, she's learning how to survive in hiding, following Sam's rules: Don't draw attention to yourself. Always carry a weapon. Know your surroundings. Watch your back.

Then a figure from Anna's childhood reappears. Is it a Branch setup, or could it be the reunion Anna has hoped for? Uncertain of where her loyalties lie, Anna must fight to learn the truth -- before she is betrayed again. Ultimately, the answers hinge on one question: What was the real reason her memories were erased?

Jennifer Rush delivers a thrilling sequel to Altered in a novel packed with mysteries, lies, and surprises that are sure to keep readers guessing until the last page is turned

There is one big stand out that makes me want to wait to for this book, besides it's the sequel to a great mystery book. It's the guy!! He is shirtless and cute!!! How could you not want to read this series after seeing this cover. It just makes you want to swoon, unless you have a boyfriend. Then I suggest you swoon when he is not around you! LOL. Let's just face it, he is hot!!! The only bummer is that the release date is January 7th, 2014. So far away. *sigh* Oh well, all I can hope for is that you guys read and love the first book so we can wait in suspense for the sequel.