Monday, October 7, 2013

Don't Kill Dinner by Jennifer Martinez (The Rules #1)

    Don't Kill Dinner by Jennifer Martinez (The Rules #1)

“I love you Kenna and I will never lose you. I promise.”

There are three rules when it comes to being a vampire in New Orleans. 
1) Don’t kill dinner. 
2) Don’t feed from people you know. 
3) Don’t tell anyone. 

Not too hard, right? Wrong. Kenna is a new vampire filled with a passion that has turned into an uncontrollable lust for blood.
Will Arthur be able to stop her feeding spree before the coven comes after her or is Kenna beyond saving?

Arthur has been watching Kenna for years, wanting her to try her own hand in life before he gave her the ultimate proposal. Now that she has accepted, will his love be enough to save her?

Let's get one thing straight. This IS about vampires. There are no sparkles and there is a twisted romance. There is mention of other paranormal creatures, but this is solely focused on vampires, especially a girl named Kenna. She was a girl was not really happy with her life until a guy named Arthur came into the diner she worked at and asked her if she was happy. Then everything changed. She had everything she could have ever wanted until she goes a little nuts about protecting humans by doing the unspeakable. I believe Kenna had the good of humans on her mind at first, then it really became about satisfying her thirst and keeping it a secret. Kenna has some problems about being left out because that is what happened when she was a human. She hates that. Arthur genuinely cares for Kenna. He has kept her safe from a distance and now he had a chance to get to know her? He is going to take it. Overall, this was an amazing book who had taken a different road then all the other YA vampire books. It has diversity from Twilight or any other book. Definitely a recommended read. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars!!!