Monday, March 31, 2014

Do Anything by Wendy Owens Review

Do Anything
By Wendy Owens
A broken heart is only the beginning for her.
Bookworm Annabelle Hart thinks she’s found the love of her life. But when her fiance's philandering ways shatter their happy future, she decides she’s through playing the victim. Now, rather than read about life, she wants to live it—starting with a sabbatical from her editing job in Chicago to travel the world. But the past refuses to let her go so easily.
He thinks he has his life figured out.
After watching the woman he thought he loved walk away from him, Holden Blackburn is still picking up the pieces. Content with his life as the owner of an English Inn, just outside the sleepy town of Alton, he’s living his new and peaceful normal. That is, at least, until Annabelle stumbles into his life, and he’s overwhelmed by a desire to learn all he can about her. Now if only he can get her to stay in one place long enough.
Will they risk their hearts on a new chance at love?
When her past returns in a way she can’t ignore, Anna panics, running from any possible future with Holden. She’s determined to keep her life from falling apart again, but she soon discovers the only place she feels safe is in Holden’s arms.But some things even he can’t protect her from.

This is a NA novel. I recommend it for 18 years and older.

This was a Great Book. Totally 5 stars!! It is a swoon-worthy book. I am just sad it doesn't have a sequel, but I can always hope right? Anyway, Annabelle has a cheating fiancé. She found him in their bed with the neighbor from across the hall. Now that is a stupid thing to do. She should have seen the signs from when they were in college. I get that she loves him and all, and I can see how that sort of love and devotion can blind their view of certain people's habits, but he seemed like the kind of person who knew they would end up together anyway so he thought he could get away with it. After Annabelle finds them together, she kicks him out and starts to sell everything. Furniture, the condo, everything. She flies to Britain to get away from it all and meets the owner of the Three Horseshoes, Holden. They hit it off and start to spend time together. 

Did I mention she was a bookworm? Well, she is and it gets better!! He is too!!! You don't see that ever. Today everyone hates reading, but Holden has restored my faith in people's ability to read for fun!! After 6 weeks at the Three Horseshooes, she finds out some disturbing news and leaves Holden and the Inn heartbroken at the decision. I think she has issues. She just leaves. She rights a letter instead of facing him. That just makes me infuriated. How would you feel if someone just left and just wrote a letter saying bye? I would be heartbroken. After her break up, she doesn't want to give her heart to anyone in fear of being hurt again. I can understand that, but sometimes you have to let go of the bad to see the good in life. That is Holden is the good that came out of the bad. Wendy did such a good job with Holden's character. Strong yet sensitive. Hurt but can love. He is the best boyfriend and friend a bookworm can ask for!!! And for Jane Eyre fans, Annabelle happens to be staying 3 miles from her home!!!

There is suspense in the situation, passion, betrayal, surprises especially for Annabelle. Do Anything comes out April 3. I absolutely recommend buying this book. You won't regret it!.

Do Anything released on sale for 99c!