Friday, March 14, 2014

Gate of Night (A Shade of Vampire) by Bella Forrest

Gate of Night (A Shade of Vampire #6) 
by Bella Forrest

Welcome back to The Shade... 

Derek and Sofia are finally enjoying a well-deserved break. Staying at a resort with good food, sun and sea, Sofia is thrilled to witness Derek’s re-introduction to the human world. 

They would almost be mistaken for a normal young couple, if it were not for the red-eyed monster lurking in the shadows and watching their every move, waiting for his signal to pounce…

This is the sixth book in this series and I am loving it. I have re-read every book at least 10 times except for this one. This was a fast paced book for those of us who have read this story. I made a guess at the end of A Blaze of Sun. I was proven right and wrong. This surpassed my expectations, but also seems a little out of character. Derek who is ....... seemed different. I know giving the circumstances of being kidnapped would makes anyone act different, but afterwards he didn't seem right. And neither did Sofia. She is full of light, but became susceptible to darkness. I love this book series and its author, but this as different then the last five books. It also had it's good points too. It helped a certain someone realize that he doesn't have to live in darkness for the rest of his life. He doesn't want to see a bright light go out. I love this series and how Derek and Sofia came together and how the Shade came to be and were it is right now. I love how the people of the shade are getting their wish with the cure how the Hunters and Vampires could turn their nemesis relationship into an alliance. I urge people to read this series because it is totally romantic, funny, and it describes the troubles that people and teens go through when they are in a relationship. Obviously, your boyfriend/girlfriend is not a vampire and haven't been kidnapped, but every couple goes throughout hardship. I love this book and I recommend it to everyone!